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Silver Lockets with 14 Ct Rose Gold Butterfly

These unique silver lockets transform from an oval shape to a heart shape and open to reveal your photos in each position.


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Each locket includes:
A Beautiful Gift Box
Picture Punch
Double Sided Tape
Certificate of Authenticity

Your Choice of Bails
(where available)

14 CT White Gold

14 CT Rose Gold

14 CT Yellow Gold

Sterling Silver Bail
Sterling Silver


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Compare Side View

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Compare Open Front
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Thin Locket
Thin Locket

Necklaces are not included with the locket purchase. Please see our necklace selection prior to checkout.

If you want us to install your pictures into the locket
Please see our photo installation page prior to checkout.

Non-U.S. customers please read FAQ #13 - 16 about import taxes and shipping.

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EXAMPLE 10 Thin Natural
No Butterfly
Silver Locket

Your choice of Bails


These lockets are made with "Argentium" Sterling Silver shells that are 0.04" (1.0 mm) thick glued onto a Bolivian rosewood core. Even though "Argentium" silver claims to be tarnish free it still does tarnish to a smaller degree so we include polishing pads to remove the tarnish and small scratches. Lockets are sanded and polished which reduces the original shell thickness. Sterling silver sliver is fairly soft so care should be taken to not scratch the lockets. Since the silver shells are so thick these lockets weight about twice as much as a typical thin wood locket.

#4138 Silver Thin

Your choice of Bails