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Gift Box

Each locket includes:
A Beautiful Gift Box
Picture Punch
Double Sided Tape
Certificate of Authenticity

Have us size, print and install your pictures into your locket - $15

At the time or your order add the picture installation option to your shopping cart for $15. Then email 2 pictures to us at and we will size them, print them on photo paper and install them in your locket before we ship it to you or the recipient of the locket. If there is more than one person in the photo be sure and tell us what person you want in the locket.

This is a great way to have a locket sent as a gift with your pictures preinstalled. If you don't want us to include the invoice with the shipment please email us.

Note: The photo paper and ink we use is rated as water resistant. I have submersed the pictures in water for several hours without damage. if you rub the pictures after soaking they will smear but it you let them air dry they won't get damaged. We will include an extra set of pictures that are punched to size with your order just in case you want to replace them at a future date.

You can easily install the pictures in your locket yourself.

Each locket sold comes with detailed instructions (mostly pictures) of exactly what to do. No tools are required. It is simple process to install your own pictures. The locket comes with everything you need except for your pictures. Included in the shipment is a custom picture punch to punch your pictures to the exact size to fit into the locket and tape to stick to the back of your pictures to the locket.

For detailed picture installation instructions CLICK HERE.